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Florence Broadhurst is an icon in interior design circles.

Her library of some 500 textile and wallpaper designs have been in the hands of numerous licensees since her mysterious murder in 1977… A little reminiscent of the ‘pass the parcel’ we played as kids, but with much more precious content.

Now, we are custodians of these precious designs and have carefully curated a collection available to all.

Some are classic and well-known such as Cockatoos and Japanese Floral. Others have never been seen before! All have been brought up to date through colour and are available as fabric by the metre, beautiful framed canvas art and readymade cushion covers.

We are proudly Australian-owned and run, with cutting edge digital printing expertise happening right here in Sydney.

Unearthing The Archives

Florence Broadhurst Fabrics

Florence Broadhurst

Born in Australia in the last year of the 19th century, Florence spent her early life as socialite, charity patron, singer, painter, teacher, musician and dancer, travelling the world establishing enterprises in China and England of course Australia.

All of these disparate experiences culminated in her eventually striking fame as one of Australia’s most identifiable contributor to the Australian Interior style of her era, which has been embraced by generations since.

Creativity in the design element is obvious to see. 

What is not so well known is Florence pioneered so many aspects of printing all those years ago that are, in many cases only just emerging today 40 years on. Mastering the chemistry to print metalized papers for instance.

Looking into the marketing material in some of the few remaining sample books one can read of on-demand-customisation, printed roller blinds engineered to custom window sizes. Offerings we might have thought of as impossible before the advent of computers. Not so! She beat us to it!

Our Vision & Mission

Dusting off seemingly dormant Florence Broadhurst fabric designs is akin to an archaeological dig.  Many of the designs in the archive have never been published, having been commissioned by elite interior designers of the day.

Via Florence Broadhurst Fabrics, these hidden treasures, curated by Materialised and printed in Sydney Australia, are available once more and will progressively be added to the site.

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“My life is dedicated to the interpretation of beauty.”