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What To Make With Patterned Fabric, By 7 Design Experts

When we approached seven Australian women in design and asked them what they would make with patterned fabric from our new collection, we were overwhelmed by their unanimous and absolute love of Florence Broadhurst. We were also very intrigued to find out what they would select from the 20 designs / 187 colourways! And then … continue reading

Florence Broadhurst Collectable Art

For Lovers of Florence Broadhurst and Collectable Art

There is a name for most kinds of collectors, but to collect something as rare and wonderful as the original screens which Florence Broadhurst herself used, defies an adequate description. Florence created a world of colour with her wallpapers and fabric in the 1960’s and 1970’s, influencing the style and décor of homes from Australia … continue reading

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What Would Florence Think?

What would Florence Broadhurst think of this new fabric collection? That’s a really good question! Her thought process was clearly different and that’s not surprising because it is wisely said, “nothing new comes out of ordinary.” Florence was anything but ordinary! Whilst I had dealings with her as a young fabric salesman supplying her with … continue reading