Florence Broadhurst Collectable Art

There is a name for most kinds of collectors, but to collect something as rare and wonderful as the original screens which Florence Broadhurst herself used, defies an adequate description.

Florence created a world of colour with her wallpapers and fabric in the 1960’s and 1970’s, influencing the style and décor of homes from Australia to the United States.

We now have 60 of only 445 original silkscreens listed for purchase. Rare works of art until now only collected by a few, such as The Powerhouse Museum.

Florence Broadhurst with silkscreen

Silkscreen Artwork Collection

Given Florence's painstaking handmade production process, there’s only one screen available for each colour used in a design.

Some of our favourites house the designs we curated for our fabric collection, such as Tiger Stripe, Rabbits & Poodles, Halftone Clouds, Pups, 4 Colour Palm, Floral 300, Japanese Bamboo, Spring Floral and Stained Glass.

And there are many other beauties like Waterfall Gardens and Tapestry 12.

Some are iconic, others have never been seen. Simply browsing the collection is an experience, a private art gallery tour, a step into history. So to actually own one? To see, feel and smell the actual tools used in creating an artwork, excites even beyond the work itself.

A Piece of Australian Design History

Each of these artworks is mounted in its original cedar wooden frame and carry a plaque stating its heritage, accompanied by a certificate of authenticity.

Cedar, of course is renowned for its strength, perfume and stability. The scent never seems to fade.

Silk screen printing has given way to the hustle and bustle of mechanisation and the digital era; so just the thought of the soft ‘swish’ of Florence scraping the squeegee across her screen, evokes a calm.

Imagine having such a piece of history hanging in your home or office!

You can be assured that each will be an iconic piece of Australian design history that you, your family, your team can cherish through the generations.

View our collection of Florence Broadhurst art screens here.

Florence Broadhurst with wallpaper design

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