IKEA floor cushion Three Birds Renovations, Florence Broadhurst fabric

The IKEA DIHULT floor cushion was the perfect piece to be re-covered for our first photoshoot. Then when Three Birds Renovations visited our Design Studio and spotted it, we made one for the renovation of their #colourmehamptons House 11, and recorded the steps for you!

This floor cushion, or pouffe as described on the IKEA website, is a really generous size and well made. Designed by Gustav Carlberg the cover is removable so it’s the ideal home décor item to be able to re-cover in a striking print.

Dimensions: 135 cm (L) x 116 cm (W) x 20 cm (H)

Recover IKEA floor cushion in Florence Broadhurst fabric
Recover IKEA floor cushion in Florence Broadhurst fabric
IKEA floor cushion, Florence Broadhurst fabric, Turnabouts

9 Steps To Revamp The IKEA Floor Cushion

Order 2m of Florence Broadhurst fabric and 2m of plain fabric for the back (or re-use the existing plain back if it works with your scheme) and purchase the IKEA DIHULT pouffe.

For our print we used Japanese Floral Magpie on Palermo velvet for our first one (using the existing IKEA fabric for the base), and Turnabouts Twig on Arizona for Three Birds Renovations (for which we used a plain black fabric for the base.)

The instructions below show the design using Turnabouts Twig.

IKEA DIHULT floor cushion

(1) ONE

Unpick the side seams of the cushion cover. This will be your template. Iron out the seam allowances.

IKEA DIHULT recover Step 1

(2) TWO

Trace the top oval shape onto your fabric and cut. Add an additional 15mm allowance overlay (you can cut it off with the overlocker when you sew the top fabric to the cover). This is done so that you can manoeuvre the fabric more easily.

Recover floor cushion Step 2
Re-cover floor cushion Step 2


Pin this new oval top onto the IKEA oval top.

IKEA DIHULT recover Step 3

(4) FOUR

Sew these two parts together.

IKEA DIHULT recover Step 4

(5) FIVE

Unpick the zipper from the IKEA oval bottom. Trace the oval bottom zip layers onto your fabric allowing approx. 5cm in length and cut. Cut from side to side about ¾ way down.

(6) SIX

Then sew in the zipper, folding the zip seams 2.5cm each side to create a step allowance.

IKEA DIHULT recover Step 6


Pin and sew the oval top cover to the bottom oval cover.

IKEA DIHULT recover Step 7


Turn outside in and re-use the existing IKEA handle and re-sew or cut new handles. We used black 25 mm polypropylene tape.

IKEA DIHULT re-cover Step 8
IKEA DIHULT re-cover Step 8

(9) NINE

Add the insert cushion, fluff up and enjoy!

IKEA floor cushion Three Birds Renovations, Florence Broadhurst fabric

2 thoughts on How To Re-cover The IKEA DIHULT Floor Cushion In 9 Easy Steps

  • MykeeJune 6, 2021 at 5:08 am

    Hi, great guide! Could you kindly let me know what size thread your using? Please let me know. Looking forward to hearing from you soon!

    • Catherine McGowanJune 7, 2021 at 1:49 pm

      Thank you! You can just use a good quality 100% polyester domestic thread like Gutermann.


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